Rory Gallagher (1948-1995) was an Irish bluesrock singer and guitar player. He was famous for his live reputation. He played very many long concerts and had a huge following of loyal fans. No glitter , no glamour. A checkered shirt , jeans and an old ragged Fender Stratocaster were his trademark. His music will remain. There are many Rory Gallagher tributes every year worldwide.

I first heard about Rory Gallagher in 1982. Ever since then I became a fan. I started collecting Rory Gallagher items since I saw him perform in Deinze ( Belgium) in 1987 and I can say I have now one of the largest Rory collections worldwide. I have seen him performing in The Netherlands and Belgium a couple of times and had the chance to meet and talk to him twice in Gent (B) 1989 and Geel (B) 1993. The last time I saw him was in Brussels (1994).

As I am a musician myself I pay tribute to Rory whenever I can. Rory's brother (and manager) Donal Gallagher and old bandmember Gerry McAvoy both know about my huge collection.

With Donal Gallagher.

With ex-Rory Gallagher Band members Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna

Mail me about my Rory Gallagher trade items. I have lots of double items to trade. (LP's , CDs , magazines , singles , bootlegs etc etc)

TV item about my Rory Gallagher collection.

Item in Dutch magazine Revolver about a trip with Popjournalist TJ Lammers to Cork. "In the footsteps of Rory Gallagher".


On this webpage you can see some of my Rory Gallagher items I've been collecting for many years.  These are my 'double' items. I bought those items to trade for other Rory items I don't have. 

Be free to ask for other Rory LP's , CD's or magazines etc.

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Let's get this clear...I PREFER TRADING!!!!!          ;-)

Rory said :"Give Me An Offer I Can't Refuse"

(Loneshark Blues)

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Some of Rory/Taste singles were released without any picture sleeve so I made them myself.
Doesn't it look good?